Press release - 08-16-2004

New dimension in random access memory storage for subnotebooks

Swissbit starts delivery of the worldwide first
1 Gbyte Micro DIMM

The Swissbit Group has expanded its portfolio by DDR Micro DIMM memory modules with 256 and 512 Mbytes as well as 1 Gbyte. The latter capacity for the random access memory of subnotebooks is to date unique worldwide and would not be possible without the technology applied by Swissbit. Thanks to this technology it is possible to mount the 16 chips required on one Micro DIMM PCB. The chip-on-board and "die-stacking" technology applied additionally guarantees high reliability and optimum temperature behaviour as a result of improved thermal distribution.

Especially subnotebooks are frequently used by business users whose applications require a high level of storage capacity. Due to the low size of the equipment and in comparison with other modules to the firmly defined dimensions in all directions which are defined by the Jedec standard, a maximum of development-engineering know-how is required to increase the storage capacity. If the outer contours of a Micro DIMM module do not comply exactly with the dimensions required, that might lead to contact problems or even to a short cut in the process of installing the module.

With the 1 Gbyte Micro DIMM Swissbit now advances to new dimensions. This development is enabled by the so-called "die-stacking" technology. The individual memory silicon chips, all originating exclusively from renowned manufacturers are positioned on top of each other on the PCB. The signal paths, however, all have the same length. The chips are furthermore directly attached to the PCB to enable an optimum heat dissipation via the PCB and a better circulation of the air, as well as an excellent signal quality. The same also applies to the DDR Micro DIMM memory modules with 256 and 512 Mbytes.

The new 172-core Swissbit Micro DIMM modules are compatible in full scope with any Jedec standard and available with a storage speed of PC2700. An 8k refresh takes place once in 64 seconds, the voltage is 2.5 Volt.

Company Profile
Swissbit Group is Europe's leading producer of Memory Products with 4 million manufactured units per year. The group produces Memory Modules for Desktops, Servers, Workstations, PC and Mac Notebooks, USB Flash Memories and Compact Flash Cards. The core business includes contract manufacture for well-known clients all over the world. Certified to ISO9001 and EN14001 standards, Swissbit Group operates its own testing and quality control laboratories. Exclusive production in Switzerland and Germany guarantees the highest quality and continuous investment in research and development ensures a technological head start. Swissbit Group was founded in 2001 through a management buy out from Siemens Schweiz AG and can refer to ten years experience. The company has 200 employees. Besides the head office in Bronschhofen, Switzerland, Swissbit has a production facility in Berlin, affiliates in the USA and Japan as well as commercial agents throughout Europe. In 2003 Swissbit Group had a business volume of 140 million Swiss Francs.

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